School Management System

Paradigm™ School Management System is an Online Web-based Integrated School Management System that consists mainly of three layers of applications that are integrated with each other
Paradigm™ School Management System helps a school managing its day-to-day operations besides establishing a robust and solid business process platform for smother workflow operations and streamlined management leading eventually to fruitful results
Paradigm™ School Management System is a feature-rich system that allows the school to establish collaboration and communication channels amongst the teachers, the school academic and admission boards, the students and their parents with complete independence of time, space and availability
Paradigm™ School Management System is a feature-rich enterprise-level School and Student Information Management System. Some of those interesting features are listed down here under

  • Web-Based System.
  • User friendly and easy to use application.
  • Multilingual, Multi-Campus, Multi-Currency and Multi-Curricula System.
  • Fast to implement with minimum “Product-To-Market” time.
  • Complete integration capability with existing systems.
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities.
  • Built-in “UAE Ministry of Education” reporting module.
  • Mailing-List and SMS ready with built-in collaboration and messaging module.
  • Extensive Financials Suite capabilities.
  • Fully customizable application with flexible built-in workflow.
  • Scalable to many thousands of “Students” and hundreds of “Users”.
  • Proven high runtime performance and reliability with robust three-tiers architecture.
  • Minimum training, support and maintenance required with easy manageability options.

Paradigm™ Features