Principal’s Message

I am Huda Al Samkari, and I’m honored to be the Principal of School of Modern Skills that have always been keen since its inception to provide an integrated educational environment that encourages the highest international standards.

School of Modern Skills mission is to provide an effective education that fosters skills, attitude, knowledge and understanding to become a highly productive,

thoughtful and responsible global citizen. A leading school guided by UAE cultural values that educates students to succeed in the global community is the school’s vision.

Our students are challenged academically in the core disciplines of English, Mathematics, Science, Arabic and Islamic. In addition,

School of Modern Skills offers several academic electives such as

AP English, AP Calculus, Career Counseling, History and Geography, Psychology, Approaches to Literature: Global Contexts, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, and Yearbook.

We also offer a wide range of elective classes such as Art, French and Drama.

School of Modern Skills offers numerous extracurricular activities for student involvement outside of the classroom.

We provide a wide variety of assessments to track students’ academic growth.

These include both formative and summative assessments, projects, labs, and standardized tests.

The School of Modern Skills is working the accreditation process under New England Association of Schools and Collages (NEASC).

It is characterized by a commitment to establishing and maintaining high standards for all levels of education (Pre-K-to doctoral level) within one association.

We would also want to thank the participation of the Parents who trust us to give support to their children as they grow intellectually, physically and socially.

As you learn about SMS, you will begin to develop an understanding of what is unique about our school.

Thank you for visiting our school website, and please feel free to call with any questions.