The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is the regulatory authority of the Government of Dubai that supports the improvement of schools,

universities, training institutes and other human resource sectors. It is responsible for the growth, direction and quality of private education and learning in Dubai.

KHDA coordinates with students, parents, teachers, the private sector and Government organizations to support Dubai’s education community.

KHDA conducts research that ranges from early childhood to adult learning.

Their findings drive initiatives to ensure that Dubai has an educated and flexible workforce to meet the needs of a fast-changing and global world. KHDA publications.

The Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) of KHDA was established in 2007 and provides comprehensive information on the standard of private school education in Dubai.

Inspection reports help to inform improvement planning at schools.

The DSIB uses a number of approaches, including annual school inspections, parent meetings and focus groups, teacher and student surveys.

KHDA Vision
Lifelong learning to fulfill Dubai’s aspirations.

KHDA Mission
To assure quality and to improve accessibility to education, learning and human development, with the engagement of the community.

News from KHDA
Visit KHDA’s News for current articles and research.


Our Areas of Strengths

  • Students’ strong understanding of Islamic values throughout the school;
  • The good progress of high school students in all key subjects;
  • The good arrangements to ensure the health, safety and care of students;
  • Partnerships with parents and the community were good
  • The good teaching and the learning skills of students in the high school phase resulted in good
  • attainment and progress in almost all key subjects.
  •  The personal and social development of students across almost all phases was at least good.
  •  The school’s provision for health and safety was good.
  •  The school had effective relationships with parents, and involved them in their children’s education.