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Healthy And Safety plan for Modern Skills school

Health Information

Over View Of Policy

The school employs one full time Doctor and 2 full time Nurses.

Our nurses are there to attend to injuries or illnesses that may develop during a school day, all cases are noted and kept on record by the nurse.

The school nurse maintains medical records for every child and requests parental help in keeping these records up to date, the nurse is sending a form to all students by the beginning of the year to be filled up by parents and sending back with the student to the school to be kept in their medical files inside the clinic.

If your child has a persistent condition, allergies or any medical condition that the school should be aware of, please specify in details the nature of the condition, the signs and symptoms and any medication that may need to be administered immediately.

If your child has a chronic illness parents should come to meet the doctor and nurses with the child’s medical reports and explaining the condition.

Medical Check-Up

The Department of Health and the school require that the students G1, 5, 9 and 12 have a general medical examination and all students have their Body Mass Index (BMI) checked which is done by the school doctor and nurses. Parents will be informed if their child requires any special medical attention.

Policy On Accident And Emergencies

Parents are informed by the School Nurse in the event of accidents and or emergencies, transportation to hospital will be done in such cases.

Policy On Medication

Medication can be given only with permission of the parents for KG1, KG2, G1 and G2.

From G3-G12 the clinic is allowed to give the first aid medications from the standing order of drugs approved from the DHA.

The Clinic is not allowed to give antibiotics; parents should fix the timing of the antibiotic before and after school timings.

Policy Of Immunization

As the school will provide vaccination services, the School Nurse shall facilitate the vaccination process by sending consent forms for immunization the parents should fill up and the students should return the form to the clinic to be immunized on their scheduled dates.
Parents should submit the original vaccination card to the clinic from G 1 onwards to follow the vaccination schedule for their child.
Note that KG students are not given vaccination in the school; they should be vaccinated at the Primary Health Center.

Policy On Infectious Diseases

Children should not be sent to school if they are sick. In case of Chicken Pox, Conjunctivitis, Mumps etc., they should only return to the school when the quarantine period ceases.
No children will be allowed to attend school without a medical certificate or the approval of the School Doctor.

Head Lice And Nails

A check will be done if case of head lice is reported in any particular class and a letter will be sent to the parent and child will be sent home for at least 2 days until complete cleaning of the hair is done. Parents should not be offended as this is a common condition amongst children, and can be easily treated.
The school Nurse is taking rounds to check on nails, notifications to the parents will be given to the child to cut long nails.

Healthy Eating

SMS is striving to implement a healthy eating ethos. We believe that good habits leaned early will benefit throughout their life. Please provide your child with a nourishing, healthy snack and ensure any drink is in an unbreakable container. Carbonated drinks are not permitted and sweet sugary food should be limited. We will be working with the canteen company to review food being sold.

Health Education

The school Doctor is giving health education to all grades through the whole school year.


  1. Mainten of healthy school environment.
  2. Child safety should be clear for everyone in the school, students, teachers, parents, nannies and guardians.
  3. Build up the knowledge of healthy habits and body fitness.


  1. Regular check up for the school. Canteen, playground, swimmingpool, classes,–
  2. Continous lectures (health education) for students and staff.
  3. Do regular activities to maintain health and safety promotion, like training activities and workshops for students and staff, and lectures for parents.
  4. Prevention and control of communicable diseases in the school with the help of teacher and supervisors to pick up any communicable diseases –head lice, chickenpox-.
  5. Provide health information by putting guidance boards for emergency cases and general medical information.
  6. Delivering the best quality of service by updating in the knowledge and skills needed to make competent judgment and decisions in practice.