How can I register my child in the school?

Check our website, Admission Section -Registration

How can I get the weekly plane?

Go to school website, choose log in, parent log in, and enter user name and password
Then choose your child name where the following pops will shows:

  • Choose the weekly plane date

How can I see the teacher’s comments about my student academic progress?

On the school website go to log in into parent account and choose teacher comments from the list on the left.

How can I change my son or daughter school section?

Contact the Supervisor

How Can I receive school books and uniform?

Each term a date will be set for parents to receive schools supplies.

What are the school transportation destinations?

Alqusais-ALtawar- Almuhsineh-Alwargqa-Almezhir-ALkhawneeg-AL Sharjha-ALrashdieha , and Almamzar

What are the Safety precautions inside the school buses?

The school buses are monitored by the cameras, and two well trained supervisor’s licensed by the ministry of transportation along with a phone.

What are the International Tests provided by school of modern skills?

  • Toffel
  • SAT
  • MAP
  • IBT
  • Timss
  • Pissa
  • CEPA
  • CAT for students in special needs.
  • IC3

What are the elective courses offered by the school?

  • French
  • Professional Academic Counseling
  • Science (Chemistry, Physics and Biology).
  • Economics, Commerce, and accounting
  • History
  • Geographic
  • Art
  • Tofel
  • AP
  • ICT
    What are the demographics of the students?
    Current enrollment is approximately 1600 students with over  nationalities represented. About87 %of students hold-UAE passports.
    Does  help with a new student’s transition?
    There are programs in Elementary, Middle and High School to help ease a new family and student’s transition to school. conducts a new student and parent , parent visit through the parents office relationship.
How long is the school day?
Classrooms open at 7:40 a.m. and learning starts at 8:00 a.m. K1 students finish their day at 1:00 p.m. and students in K2 – Grade 12 finish at2:20 p.m. School holidays for the current academic year are listed on the SMS School Calendar.
Where do SMS families live?
families live in various residential areas in Dubai and Sharjah.
DoesSMS provide a bus service?
SMS provides bus services for specific locations for Dubai and Sharjah.
Are students required to wear uniforms?
Yes. Students wear a school uniform which is distributed on the beginning of the academic year and then they can submit a request through the SMS website under uniform section.
What is the governing structure of SMS?
SMS is a private school, governed by a Board of Trustees.