A two way communication between the Parents and the School is a key success for the whole educational process for this purpose we have created new ways of communications that match’s our life style in the UAE and around the globe, there for the school of modern skills takes pride in keeping the school community connected and informed of school news, announcements, important deadlines, and events, through variety of publications and mean such as newsletter, social media, short text messages, official announcements letters and the school paradigm.


For this specific reason we have created also the What`s up account for the parents, all you have to do is the following:

  • upload the what’s up application into your smart phone
  • Add our what’s up number to your contact list 971-52-9811411
  • Send us the following message in order to add you to the group list (My name (Your Name) Parent of (Student Name and Grade), Kindly add me to your Group list.