Art Teaching Strategies in SMS

Definition of the Art Education:

It is the identification of the beauty and art value of the nature’s components and the development and re-creating  of these components by using creative methods according to the students’ talent and ability.

Objectives of the Art Education:

The main goal of the Art Education is to attract the students’ attention to the beauty of the nature, evaluate and appreciate the environment around themselves and create self-esteem and enhance their critical thinking.

1- Develop students’ abilities to appreciate the Art work and give opinions.

2-Enhance the emotional and spiritual level which ultimately will touch their sensitivity.

3-Enhance the limitless usage of the students’ senses.

4-Enhance the students’ awareness of  various cultures.

5-Discover the talented and gifted students.

6-Use the available resources and the used material to create new ideas of art.

7-Recognize the colors in nature and mix colors to have new ones

8-Examine the shapes and sizes around us ( integration with Math).

9-Appreciate our own culture and art.

10-Recognize the art of the Arabic calligraphy and handwriting.

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